Sunday, June 6, 2010

Classic Recording Sessions - On This Date (6/6)

Spade Cooley - 64 years ago
Thursday, June 6, 1946
CBS Studio (Radio Station KNX), 6121 Gower & Sunset Blvd., Hollywood 28, CA
Spade Cooley: fiddle; Tex Williams: vocal; Smokey Rogers: guitar, vocal; John Weis: guitar; Noel Boggs: steel guitar; Muddy Berry: drums; Andrew Soldi: fiddle; Paul Feathersone: harp; Pedro DePaul: accordion; George Barmby: accordion; unknown: piano & bass.

This is a historic date for Spade Cooley as it was his last with vocalist Tex Williams and the majority of the band featured on this session. It was also his last for Columbia. After this, Cooley would move to RCA Victor with a less successful band, both artistically and commercially. Tex Williams took a good part of this band with him to Capitol Records where he had several hits of his own. This session is steel guitarist Noel Boggs's first with Cooley. Though Boggs continued with Cooley after this session, the magic for the Spade Cooley band was pretty much gone. They did have some success after these recordings, but the golden era was pretty much past. Seems like we're ending on a down note, so hopefully that doesn't detract from this wonderful recording session we're featuring today. Hope you enjoy it...

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