Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

That Silver-Haired Daddy Of Mine
Gene Autry & Jimmy Long

In celebration of Father's Day, I'm posting six versions of the classic father tribute song, "That Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine." We lead off with the original version by Gene Autry and Jimmy Long. Obviously, the wonderful Everlys version is here as well. But do you know who the other four are (without downloading and looking at the artist names)?

I wish all you fathers out there the happiest of days today. We deserve it! Hope you enjoy the tunes...


Harlan Taylor said...

Happy Fathers Day to you, Joaquin!

Nice post. I got them all but #4. I think I know but I am not positive.


Gene said...

Thanks from your Silver Haired Daddy!!

jim said...

Good post for father's day. No, I didn't know them.

Don said...

Gotta admit my homework wasn't sufficient to give me a passing grade on the quiz. Ouch!

Gotta say I love hearing multiple versions of a song.

I also really like discovering new (old) country performers.

I'd never heard of Howard Crocket, but am really glad to learn about him now. (Google brings up quite a bit on him as singer & songwriter, and there are youtube videos of songs and interviews.)

I'm glad you included The Whitstein Brothers because they deserve more recognition. They were a superb brothers duet which based their style on the Louvin Brothers. After Robert Whitstein died, Charles Whitstein & Jesse McReynolds recorded "A Tribute to Brother Duets on Pinecastle (2005).