Thursday, June 10, 2010

Classic Recording Sessions - On This Date (6/10)

Jimmie Rodgers & Sara Carter - 79 years ago
Wednesday, June 10, 1931
Louisville, KY
Jimmie Rodgers: vocal, guitar; Sara Carter: vocal, guitar.

I guess it goes without saying that this is a pretty monumentally historic recording session. Jimmie Rodgers and the Carter Family both made their recording debuts a little less than 4 years before this session at the legendary Bristol Sessions in August of 1927. The astounding success of the Carter Family, and particularly Jimmie Rodgers, caused Victor to pair the two acts for this session, and the next day's session that featured the entire Carter Family with Rodgers for two sides of skits that try to imagine what it would be like for the Carters to visit Jimmie in Texas, and vice versa for Jimmie in Virginia. Interestingly, the reformed Carters (sans Maybelle, and adding children of A.P. and Sara) would record unusual sequels to these records with Mrs. Jimmie (Carrie) Rodgers for Acme Records in April of 1956. While those records are interesting, to me they can't compare to the wonderful chance we have to hear two of the era's most influential vocalists singing together - when they yodel together, life just lightens up for me a bit. I hope you enjoy these recordings as much as I do...


Johnny said...

Wow how lucky are we to have a recording of two of country musics originators? Thanks for posting.

jim said...

Thanks, great stuff. I believe I have heard the recordings before but your insightful comments made me appreciate them more this time around!